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"What would that secret be, grandpa?"
"She's got powers. Since Shadow has super-speed, Chaos Control and many other unique abilities, I thought of giving her powers, too. And that power is speed. She can run as fast as 625 miles per hour at a maximum speed. But at most times she'd be able to run at about under 300 miles per hour."
"That's perfect, grandpa. That makes her even more special."
"But... at the moment she's not carrying it."
"Why so, grandpa?"
"You see. She's very young. It's possible she could use her powers and starts playing with them, which might cause havock all around her. So that's why I did not add them."
"That's very sad, grandpa. How can she ever use them, if she doesn't have them? What if she wants to help someone?"
"Impossible. Who could she ever help. You've got Shadow as your Number 1 helper."

Maria then became silent. Don't know what else to say, feeling sad for the hedgehog.

"But, there's one way her powers can be given..."

At that moment, Maria was all-ears, ready to hear what her grandfather is about to say.

"...Through a blood transfusion. Shadow must make a blood transfusion to her and that's how she can receive her powers. But he can easily take them away. They both have an invisible connection between each other. When our female hedgehog gets hurt, scared, cries or is too excited, Shadow feels it right away, no matter the distance and can even sense where she might be at that moment, while if something bad happend to Shadow, she won't feel it. He can also send thoughts to her, when he needs to, while she can't. These things are only possible after the blood transfusion. He can take her abilities away from her by thought and if he wants to return them to her, he can give them to her the same way he took them."
"But won't a blood transfusion be needed for him to return them, after he takes them away?"
"No. Blood transfusion can be done just once and no more. For now she's just an ordinary talking hadgehog. I don't know if she'll ever need to use her special abilities, so that's why I did not add them."
"But why through Shadow?"
"Because Shadow is serious. He's stable from no matter which angle you look at it. While our little girl here seems to me is unstable on a lot of terms. Mainly emotionally. And I suppose you can guess what happens if someone with powers goes emotionally unstable. He's like a ticking time bomb."
"You mean she can explode?"
"No. Not literally. It was just a figure of speech. What I ment was she might hurt someone. That's all. Or get herself hurt, which is the more obvious one."
"I understand. I hope not having her powers won't upset her."
"No need for you to worry as long as you don't tell this information to anyone."
"I promise, grandpa. I can't wait to introduce her to Shadow."
"Indeed, but that can happen in a few days. For now she must remain inside the lab, so I can be sure her health is absolutely fine."

Then Maria enters the lab. The little female hedgehog was staying sit on the bed, looking around confused, wondering where she is.

"My dear girl, you remain so silent. You must be very confused as to what's going on. This is the Space Colony ARK. My name is Maria. What is your's?"

The little hedgehog looked scared and nervous. She's never seen Maria before, nor does she know what the blond girl might do to her.

"It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you. I would never hurt a precious creature such as yourself."
"Um...", the little hedgehog gulped, trying to remember her name, only to no avail, "I... don't know my name.".
"You don't know your name?"
"Um... no."
"Maybe the doctor hasn't though of a name for you. I know. When I was little, I used to read a book about a beautiful and shy little girl, who thought she was ordinary at first, but then she realized she's very special. I'll name you after her. Your name will be... Sonia."

"Oh My God! I don't believe it! Doctor Gerald Robotnik made a second hedgehog!" Chris was shocked, while reading through the files of Dr Robotnik, grandfather of Ivo Robotnik a.k.a. Eggman.
Sonic X: The Secret Ch2
Takes place after the final episode of season 3 of Sonic X. When Chris returns back to Earth, he decides to do research on doctor Gerald Robotnik's work, so that if he finds something valuable, he can keep it as a memory to remind him of his adventures with Sonic and his friends. What he finds out about doctor Gerald Robotnik really shocks him. What is it that made Chris want to try and contact Sonic once again? Find out by reading the story. :D (Big Grin)

Previous chapter: here
Chapter 3: Coming soon

Btw, here's a quiz question for all of you who read this chapter - In which Sonic cartoon is there a character with the name Sonia? :D

Sonic X (c) SEGA
story (c) :iconhypergirl95:
Space Colony ARK, 56 years ago

"My dear, Maria. Did you like the present I made you?" asked Gerald Robotnik his granddaughter.
"You mean Shadow? I love him so much grandpa." Maria answered happily.
"I'm glad you do. I created him so I could find a cure for your illness. But until then, you can keep him as your companion. Not that he talks much." Gerald told Maria.

Then the room went quiet for about a minute, until Maria broke the silence.

"Grandpa? Can I ask you something?" she asked.
"Of course, my dear. You can ask me anything you want. And your grandfather will do anything for you." Gerald told her.
"I've been wondering. I know that Shadow has been my companion for so long, but I also think that he might seem too lonely at times." Maria said.
"What do you mean lonely?", Gerald was surprised, "I thought you and him talk to each other. Does he not want to speak with you?".
"No, it's not that grandpa. It's just... Shadow is the only talking hedgehog that exists. I wish there was another talking hedgehog that could have existed. Maybe a girl. I've always wondered what would it be for Shadow to have a female companion from his kind. That's my wish, grandpa. I wish for Shadow to have a young female hedgehog such as himself next to him. Wouldn't that be great, grandpa. Shadow, me and a hedgehog girl. It would make me very happy."
"I see. I don't think he needs a female companion, because he has you." the professor told his granddaughter.
"Please, grandpa." Maria pleaded.
"Well,...alright. If that would make my wonderful granddaughter happy, then I'll get on it right away." Gerald told Maria with a smile appearing on his face.
"Why thank you, grandpa. I promise you, it will make me very happy." Maria hugged her grandfather.

A few months later...

"Is this her grandpa."

There's pure darkness everywhere. Only the voice of a young girl can be heard in the background.

"This is her, my dear. She should be waking up right about now from the anesthesia."

Suddenly, two eyes opened and everything was blurry. Just about 20 seconds later, everything around started to gain shape. The eye vision was beginning to stabilize really quickly. Then in front appeared what looked like a blond haired and blue eyed human girl in a blue dress.

"Oh, grandpa. She looks so beautiful. It's as if she came out of a fairy tale." the girl said, wondering who she is.

Suddenly, the figure that opened her eyes got up and stayed sit on the bed.

"Hello, dear hedgehog! My name is Maria. I'm so glad to see you here healthy and alive." Maria told the hedgehog.

Unfortunately, that scared the little female hedgehog, causing her to jump from fear.

"She's not exactly as brave as Shadow, but I couldn't have created her any other way." Gerald said.
"Don't worry, grandpa. I love her the way she is. I've never in my life seen a more devine female creature as her. She's very special." Maria said.
"And best of all she's carrying half of Shadow's DNA. So you could say that she's like a half-sister to him. Only she's um... 11 years old I think." Gerald explained a little about the hedgehog's biology.
"A sister sounds like a wonderful idea, grandpa. You always amaze me." the blond human girl said.
"Oh, that's not all. There's a huge secret about her. But I want to tell it to you outside the lab."
"Of course."

Then two Robotniks got out from the lab.
Sonic X: The Secret Ch1
Takes place after the final episode of season 3 of Sonic X. When Chris returns back to Earth, he decides to do research on doctor Gerald Robotnik's work, so that if he finds something valuable, he can keep it as a memory to remind him of his adventures with Sonic and his friends. What he finds out about doctor Gerald Robotnik really shocks him. What is it that made Chris want to try and contact Sonic once again? Find out by reading the story. :D

Chapter 2: here
Sonic X (c) SEGA
story (c) :iconhypergirl95:


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